Tax man pulls punches

Editor, Canberra Times: Claims by the ATO that it’s “powerless” to stop multinational companies from avoiding their tax obligations simply aren’t credible in the minds of most Australians (‘Tax system at risk: Treasury’, Canberra Times, 24 July 2013).

Here is an organisation that routinely abuses its powers in bringing Australian taxpayers to heel. It expends vast sums of money in our courts persecuting people for the smallest perceived infraction of laws that are so incomprehensible that it has to employ “expert” advisors itself to comprehend them. It pursues action to victimise individual taxpayers by attempting to restrict their freedom of movement & routinely uses a regime of threats, intimidation & breaches of privacy to relentlessly coerce its victims for many years, often ruining their health, reputations & lives in the process. All of this involving the reckless & irresponsible abuse of taxpayers funds. But it can’t lay a glove on a bunch of yankee carpetbaggers!!

Pull the other one.

 – John Richardson, CLA member, WALLAGOOT NSW

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