Try walking in welfare shoes, Minister

The Editor, Canberra Times/Fairfax: So, unlike her ministerial colleague, Bill Shorten, who says that he struggles to get by on $300,000 + a year, federal Family Services Minister, Jenny Macklin, reckons that she could live on the Newstart Allowance of just $246 a week (‘The great vanishing act: Macklin’s dole comment disappears’, Canberra Times, 1 January 2013).

By foregoing her ministerial salary & accepting the pittance that she thinks is more than adequate for everyone-else, Jenny surely has a marvellous opportunity to lead from the front & demonstrate to everyone, including her struggling ministerial colleagues, just how easy it is to live it up on welfare.

Try walking a mile in those shoes Jenny.

– John Richardson, CLA member, Wallagoot NSW

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