T’woo, T’wit: how Trump dominated

Why does Donald Trump’s popularity remains solid among his supporters? Until 2015, it was the mainstream news media (MSN) that made or unmade parties and political leaders in democratic nations. The MSN expressed its abhorrence of Trump as soon as he announced his candidacy for the presidency of the USA. Interestingly, Trump had an equally powerful instrument at hand to tell the world his simplistic ideas in short soundbites intelligible to his constituency: Twitter. Trump outwitted the MSN and even the powerful Hillary Clinton by using his Twitter messages. While Clinton spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ads in the MSN, Trump used dirt-cheap Twitter to tell millions of followers his policies or views on airy nothing. His followers lapped this up with great delight. Who wouldn’t love and feel proud to receive a personal message on their device from the future president himself?

– Bill Mathew, CLA member, Melbourne Vic

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