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Call for WA govt to rein in integrity-lacking police 

Call for WA govt to rein in integrity-lacking police 

WA is reportedly legislating urgently to protect Covid-19 contact tracing data after WA Police committed a massive breach of public trust in using the information to allegedly assist a murder/attempted murder investigation.

Attorney-General John Quigley said WAPOL twice demanded WA Health Department data drawn from the SafeWA app since mandatory registration at venues was first enforced in December 2020.

Opposition Leader Mia Davies called the WA Police action a “massive breach of public trust”, saying West Australians had been assured their data would only be used for contact tracing purposes to keep them safe during the C19 pandemic.

The urgently-passed legislation will restrict the use of C19 data for contact tracing purposes, PerthNow reports.

“Once again, as they repeatedly do, the WA Police have proved themselves untrustworthy,” CLA President Bill Rowlings said. “As this situation illustrates, they ignore the known ‘community rules’ and simply do not understand or abide by integrity principles.

“Their behaviour should cause the WA government to end the biased and corrupted process of police-investigating-police (PIP) when serious complaints are made about their own behaviour.”

AG Quigley clearly indicated that the police could have got the same data by other means than by shattering people’s trust in the health privacy system, Mr Rowlings said.



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