What reputation would that be?

Editor, Canberra Times: So, let’s see if we can get this right (‘ASIO raids: Australia accuses East Timor of ‘frankly, offensive’ remarks’, 22 January 2014).  The Australian government authorises its spooks to spy on the government of East Timor & egregiously uses the information it obtains to illegally advance its interests.

When it gets found out, the same spy agency raids the offices of the East Timor government’s lawyers & seizes documents & other materials which, if presented to the International Court of Justice, would demonstrate Australia’s criminality. It also seizes the passport of a key witness to prevent him from testifying in support of the East Timor government.

Then, appearing before the International Court of Justice, the Australian government sets out to paint itself as the poor, unwitting & defenceless victim of a reprehensible campaign by East Timor, accusing it of making ‘offensive & inflammatory’ submissions to the court & ‘impugning the integrity’ of our noble Attorney-General, the great bookshelf-builder, Senator George Brandis.

And, in a final indignant flourish, Australia accuses the evil & wicked government of East Timor of committing a crime by reporting Australia’s criminal behaviour, as well as ‘wounding’ Australia’s reputation as a good international citizen as a result.

I wonder what reputation that would be?

John Richardson, CLA member, Wallagoot.  NSW

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