Who ya gonna email…?

I woke up this morning thinking: “If the internet became edited, censored, or policed tomorrow, who would I send an email to today.”

Well here I am desperately seeking answers to life in the future with a government intent on policing our existence. For instance, our soon to be ex-PM only a month ago said it was her ambition to have a bill passed through parliament to have politically motivated hackers charged and most certainly imprisoned. Now if I leave my house unlocked and it gets broken into the police will offer lots of empathy but will advise that I get better locks or an alarm. So if the government hasn’t got a lock on their “diplomatic garbage” – Chasers, Wikileaks etc – why should those people be hunted down for telling the truth.

And then on JJJ news I hear that eBay is being used as a money laundering, with someone collecting the dole on top of an $800k annual turnover. Of couse this only comes out after Gerry Harvey and his retail giant mates start bleating on about how Australians have stopped paying full price for their cheap Chinese goods. You don’t have to have worked for the CIA to know how things work in this world.
We don’t want to be underworld criminals, just free and happy, private citzens. Is this achievable?

– Greg Hayes, Sydney

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