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When will Australia apologise over TL?

When will Australia apologise over TL?

So, Australia & East Timor have reached a “confidential” agreement on a new maritime boundary & how they will jointly develop billions of oil & gas reserves in the Timor Sea … maybe, possibly, perhaps, we’ll see … (“Australia and East Timor strike ‘landmark’ deal to end Greater Sunrise dispute”, Canberra Times, 3 September 2017). I wonder if the new “friendship” also announced between the two nations will be sealed by a public apology from the Australian government for its treacherous behaviour in trying to facilitate the theft of resources from our youngest neighbour for the commercial benefit of private sector interests?
And if such an apology is ever forthcoming, will it extend to the East Timorese government’s legal representative in Australia, Mr Bernard Collaery, whose offices were searched & documents wrongfully seized during a raid authorised by the same individual who had previously authorised the illegal bugging operation? And in the new climate of goodwill between the former protagonists, will the Australian government return the passport of the former ASIS employee who exposed the illegal espionage perpetrated by our “intelligence” agencies?
And finally, now that the dispute between the two nations is allegedly resolved, is it too much to hope that those responsible for bringing our nation into disrepute will be held accountable?
– John Richardson, CLA member, Wallagoot NSW

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