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Abhorrent and an afront

Abhorrent and an afront

So the Austraian Federal Police (AFP) have now signed an agreement with Thailand to co-operate in criminal matters. Ruddock has said it will allow Australia and Thailand to assist each other in the investigation and prosecution of serious crime.

Thailand still has the Death Penalty – the authorities still legally murder prisoners by shooting.  This will give the AFP yet another country to which it can export the Death Penalty as it has done with Indonesia and Vietnam.  As you can’t apply this ultimate legal sanction in Australia, it would appear for the AFP  this is the next best thing.  If we can’t get them here, we’ll get them there!  Rather than a Bali 9, I now await the Bangkok 5 (or so).  That the AFP is still permitted to provide such information to allow people to be killed overseas is abhorrent and an affront to all civilised countries.

Vic Adams, CLA Director (Canberra Times letter)

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