Airport Scanners can stop tourists

Well, I am quite disappointed with Australia. I have begun a tour business and just read some newsarticles about airport scanners. Whenever I travel, I have always opted out and there has never been any dramas. The way these articles read, now I will become a criminal when speaking up for myself and saying no. By opting out in Australian airports, I will be restrained and can not leave the country? I can not travel or bring groups into Australia without being scanned at the airports against my will?! This heavy handed, paranoia, big brother intimidation needs to stop NOW.. My new business may go under because of this dark regime. My tour groups will not come to Australia because they all opt out wherever they are flying from.

Most countries in the world still use common sense, except Australia! Is this what it’s all about? To ruin peoples’ health, businesses and tourism all in the name of BULLYING the travellers? Who can I approach, in Australia, that is of sound mind, support my endeavors, protect the tourism industry and keep myself AND my clientele safe from all scanner exposures in Australia? I look forward to your reply.

Jane Denbo

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