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Apr ’10 Newsletter: Concern rises for the rights of older people

Apr ’10 Newsletter: Concern rises for the rights of older people

A major report into aged care is ringing loud alarm bells in a sector of health care often not usually closely watched or supervised. CLA is preparing a campaign to help protect the rights of older people, and the mentally ill. Meanwhile, police car chases are top of mind, with an horrific smash killing four in Canberra, and the Queensland coroner producing a major report after a series of smashes and deaths in that state.

Getting new technology right is a constant battle, as a High Court challenge to the accuracy of DNA evidence will test, while the federal government is trying to fast-track health identifiers without proper consideration of security, safety and privacy. CLArion explains why Kev’s trolley experience has the government and bureaucracy so motivated, just as the government parks problems and promotes long-delayed positives in a new burst of legislative zeal aimed at keeping all election options open.

Other topics covered in March include:

  • We should check on the fate of people whom we extradite;
  • Australia discriminates – against women and Tamils, it is claimed;
  • Troubled A-G steps aside…and gamers celebrate end of blockage;
  • Court rules law breaches human rights – Parliament to reconsider;
  • WA Police fail security test;
  • California looks for salvation by smoking the weed;
  • Govt rushes health ID in face of civil society concerns;
  • Women in Asia-Pacific suffer neglect, UN says;
  • Privacy can’t be run in ‘beta’;
  • Police cuddle up on computers to catch crooks; and
  • Holland debates ‘tired of living’ euthanasia law.

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