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CLArion June 2022: ‘Teals’ asked to back Human Right Act

CLArion June 2022: ‘Teals’ asked to back Human Right Act

CLA has formally asked the ’teal’ members of the Parliament, and other independents, to support a Human Rights Act (HRA) for Australia as an early, first 100 days, action item alongside a National Integrity Commission. Together, the two initiatives would rein in the excesses of politicians and elites at the top end of town, and underpin rights, liberties and justice for the bottom end among people who are doing it tough. Australia has already held its biggest-ever consultation on a HRA, with massive support for the concept. It’s time to make it happen. Plus, in this issue:

  • Government ‘guilty’, but Collaery pays the price
  • No-one to watch over Australia’s spooks
  • NT goes ‘barbarian’, cuts human rights compensation
  • No Rights Without Remedies campaign for the ACT, as a model
  • Judge to scrutinise police over domestic violence
  • State modernises magistrates courts after 135 years
  • Police ‘chase’ driver sentenced to three years jail
  • Watson gets chance to overturn yacht-based conviction
  • Xi says China runs its own style of human rights
  • Nations spy chief sacked for prying into pollies’ phones
  • ICE and HA: two spies in a pod
  • Court/legal system grinds towards a halt

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