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CLArion March 2023: Voice and Rights timetable clarifies

CLArion March 2023: Voice and Rights timetable clarifies

The Voice campaign for a special Indigenous path to parliamentary debate launched in February. The first official call for a federal Human Rights Act is expected when the Australian Human Rights Commission tables its ‘Free & Equal’ report, four years in the making, in the first week of this month.  Meanwhile liberties and rights, particularly of children, are under increasing threat from a combination of vigilante social media activist campaigns and state governments and oppositions ramping up ‘order and law’ issues ahead of elections.

  • Robodebt revelations expose a Public Service more focused on politics than people
  • Ghosts and hobgoblins however in wings as ‘Caspar’ Burgess performs on stage
  • Govt wastes money prosecuting the wrong people
  • Foreign police to ‘infiltrate’ Australia: will overseas cops have to drop their standards
  • Children to be further victimised by govt bracelet tracking regime
  • Autocratic rule supplanting democracy as time in ‘absolute’ power exends
  • Aboriginal people in jail rise to near record percentage of inmates
  • The honey trap: spooks in Oz suffer an exaggeration multiplication: letter
  • Another country gets new criminal case review commission…but not Australia
  • Man freed after 28 years wrongly jailed: Failure To Disclose again the problem
  • Child gun deaths up, police kill more people – guess which country?
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