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Define Pursuit

Define Pursuit

As the just released report of a comprehensive review of ACT Policing  ( CT July12) was based on information up to June 2005 it may not have noted  that Queensland is planning to curtail police-chases of drivers suspected of minor offences, such as car stealing, driving unregistered vehicles or minor traffic infringements as a positive measure to protect innocent lives from out-of-control speeding cars.
Fresh in our minds is the tragic death of university student Clea Rose last July, after she was hit by a speeding stolen car being pursued by police.

On March 27 , the editorial in The Canberra Times reported public anger at a cover-up by the police in their attempts to deny a chase had taken place.

Guidelines to police in NSW were amended last year to reduce the danger of high-speed pursuits, classifying them as a last resort, to be  undertaken only as a response to a serious incident , such as an armed hold-up or a siege.

What then, are the pursuit guidelines of the ACT police?
Why must a Freedom of Information claim be lodged to find out?

Surely, operational procedures will not be jeopardized , if to allay peoples` concerns,  the general outlines of the guidelines are publicised.

Keith McEwan (Canberra Times letter)

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