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Grog, wrong approach from Day 1

Grog, wrong approach from Day 1

The NT Government was formed in 1978 on a culture of unlimited grog, some of coming from Cabinet ice-chests. But why can’t we change the politics of grog in the territory? Why can’t better restrictions be put in place?

We could increase taxes on grog, and bring in minimum pricing, and have outlets close on pay days, at least for a while.

Allowing 6 cans of beer at Aboriginal-controlled clubs is absurd when we should be facing up to the damage alcohol does. Limiting more clubs to 2 cans and making them provide good meals at cheap(er) rates is the way go.

NT Minister Delia Lawrie seems to be against putting all grog on a minimum pricing scheme, so addicts are still able to access great quantities of grog. Existing laws and rules are a joke, really. Why, for example, are people taken into drying-out centres held only for about 6 hours? That’s hardly enough time to get really sober and clean up, and feel some opprobium, imho !

I think tax income for the federal and state/territory governments is too important for the politicians to risk it.

– Rob Wesley-Smith, CLA member, Darwin

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