How much have MPs’ salaries risen?

With staff cuts and agencies abolished, aid budgets slashed and our Diggers’ not paid much, just how have MPs salaries fared over the past 20 years?

How much have MPs’ salaries risen?

moneyWith the government sacking public servants, abolishing agencies, cutting aid budgets and refusing to allow modest wage rises even for today’s Defence “Diggers”, how much have MPs’ salaries risen over the past 20 years.

Has your salary kept pace? Compare yours with the table below.

salaryIn fairness to politicians, it is noted that they have not received a pay rise in 2014. In fairness to taxpayers, it is noted that perhaps they didn’t need one in 2014, having received a 31.3% increase in March 2012, then another 3% on top of

that in July 2012, just 14 weeks later.

The table is taken from an official parliamentary paper, recently released:

Parliamentary Library RESEARCH PAPER SERIES, 2014-15 27 NOVEMBER 2014 – The base salary for senators and members: 2014 update Cathy Madden, Deirdre McKeown and Sue Johnson.

You can also find out how much the PM, Ministers and State Premiers receive here.


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