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Australia should enact a Magnitsky law to apply targeted sanctions to perpetrators of serious human rights abuse and corruption, says the federal MP responsible for the biggest human rights abuse in Australia.

The call for a new human rights-oriented law comes from the biggest hypocrite in parliament.

The chair of the human rights sub-committee of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Kevin Andrews said “Magnitsky-style” targeted sanctions will align Australia with a global movement limiting opportunities for human rights abusers, corrupt officials and their beneficiaries to enjoy the proceeds of their abuses.

First enacted in the USA in 2016, the Magnitsky Act authorises the US government to sanction people worldwide that it sees as human rights offenders, freeze their assets, and ban them from entering the USA.

Sanctions in the Australian version would include banning entry to Australia, and the capacity to seize assets, Andrews said last month. He should be worried personally…

Who is the greatest abuser of human rights of Australians?

Kevin Andrews himself. His private member’s legislation – the Euthanasia Laws Act 1997 – which strips two parliaments representing 650,000 Australian citizens of the ACT and the NT of the power to pass laws.

They can not, because of the “Andrews law”, legislate over euthanasia and assisted suicide…what people call the personal choice of “dying with dignity”.

The Andrews law in 1997 effectively killed a law already passed in the NT. It disenfranchised the electors of the two territories, making them second-class Australians ever since. They remain second-class Aussies.

There are about 400,000 people in the ACT, 250,000 in the NT, who do not have the same human right – to pass laws they choose, democratically – as do other Australians.

Kevin Andrews was and is a legislative bully, passing a federal law over-riding the territories just because he could, technically, under the Australian Constitution. The latest survey shows 84% of Australians disagree with his bigoted opinion against euthanasia, which is based on his personal religious beliefs.

The real world has now caught up with him. Because he and the federal parliament do not have the power to over-rule states, the states have passed or are passing euthanasia laws hand over fist.

Unlike in 1997, when the NT led the way, Australia now has dying with dignity laws in Victoria and WA and there’s one half-passed already in Tasmania, likely to come into effect in 12 months. SA and Queensland are well down the track towards such law.

But still ACT and NT citizens are not even permitted to vote on the issue. If we enact a Magnitsky law, it may be – and should be, CLA believes – first applied in this country to Kevin Andrews.

Note: By 2027, the population of the ACT is projected to reach between 479,200 and 510,000 people, exceeding Tasmania’s population by the year 2040: ABS projection

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