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If it’s illegal in Australia, it’s unjust. Period

If it’s illegal in Australia, it’s unjust. Period

THE rules of criminal evidence and procedures under Australia’s system of law are designed to deliver fairness and justice to the accused and the community. Philip Ruddock, Alexander Downer and John Howard have been abusing language in their use of the words "fairness" and "justice" in the David Hicks matter.

If a system of admitting and hearing evidence and of court procedures would be illegal in Australia — as the proposed US military commissions would be — then it cannot be fair or just by our legal standards, no matter where held or by which country.

Mr Hicks is not being afforded fairness and justice to Australian legal standards. Therefore, the Australian Government has a duty of active advocacy for his removal from what is an inequitable system.

Kris Klugman, President CLA (The Age letter)

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