Irresistible meets need for justice

The Editor: Anna Brown’s suggestion that the Police investigation into the death of Brazilian Roberto Curti (after being stunned 14 times) ‘was flawed from the outset’, pre-supposes that the objective of that investigation was to establish and report to the Coroner on the factual events leading-up to his tragic death & the part played by everyone directly involved. (‘Independent inquiry the only way for police killing’, SMH, October 9, 2012)

Whilst this may be the objective of such investigations, insofar as the Coroner is concerned, history has shown that they inevitably and primarily serve as an opportunity for law enforcement officials to justify/defend the behaviour of their own, regardless of the circumstances; to reinforce public confidence in law enforcement; to placate a highly influential and very proactive union; justify the need for politicians to pursue a tough ‘law & order’ agenda, so as to allegedly keep us all safe; and most importantly, to ensure that those with real power and influence in our community are able to retain it.

In the face of such a cruel and crushing reality, Ms Brown’s thesis that only an independent investigatory model can genuinely serve the interests of truth and justice, whilst ensuring that public officials are truly accountable for their actions, is sadly but absolutely irresistible.

– John Richardson, CLA member, Wallagoot NSW

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