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Keys to Haneef case locked in secret compartment

Keys to Haneef case locked in secret compartment

Marvellous piece on Saturday by Jack Waterford (“Keys to Haneef case locked in secret compartment”, pB2). He didn’t mention but might well have done that the police have announced they are to complain about Haneef’s lawyers conduct, in issuing the second record of interview to the Queensland Legal Services Commission.

How unsporting of them. You didn’t hear Keim or Russo threatening complaints about them or the DPP lawyer who also is subject to the Legal Services Commissioner.

Their behaviour is really rather childish.

My lack of respect for those who would have us believe they stand between us and terrorist anarchy began when I was involved in the very first alleged espionage prosecution of Simon Lappas a few years back.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and defence security types came to court to give evidence about working with Lappas and how he knew the rules as well as they did. They all boasted in the witness box about how they would go to social functions or office lunches and drop highly secret crumbs of information into the conversation while waiters were attending them and then laugh because no one knew the significance of what they had just said.

From that moment I knew I would never take anything they ever said seriously.

I have no reason yet to reconsider that decision.

Jennifer Saunders, Canberra (Letter to Canberra Times)

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