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Motions for Consideration at the eAGM 13

Motions for Consideration at the eAGM 13

The CLA Board has agreed to two proposed motions to be put to members for consideration at the forthcoming eAGM ’13.

The proposed motions are to Amend the constitution by adding the italicised words:

8.1 The board of Civil Liberties Australia Inc shall hold an annual general meeting, or its electronic equivalent, as soon as convenient after 1 March each year, but at least by 31 May each year. For the purposes of a general or special meeting that is conducted fully or partly electronically, the formal date of the meeting will be that date the board determined and advised members which will be the date for the declaration of the result of the vote for that meeting.  If a meeting is held physically, it will be the date of the meeting.

8.5  The board shall give at least 21 days notice in writing to the last-known address (postal or electronic) of members in advance of any general meeting.  Notice may be given as a separate email/notice, or in the CLArion or other newsletter/regular communication, emailed, communicated or posted to members

You can click on the above link to see the detailed motions and supporting statements and also to access a form to make comment on the proposed motions.

(Ed note: This page was sourced from Trove’s archives on 10 Dec 19)

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