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New spokespeople provide younger face

New spokespeople provide younger face

CLA has appointed two spokespeople whose combined age doesn’t reach 50! “They are two outstanding young Australians who are committed to safeguarding liberties, and speaking out responsibly on important civil and human rights issues facing Australia,” CLA President, Dr Kristine Klugman, said. Go to media release.

Media release

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Friday 29 June 2007

New spokespeople for civil liberties Max Jeganathan and Clare Carnell will be CLA’s official spokespeople, President Dr Kristine Klugman announced today.

“I am delighted that they are willing to take on this important role of communicating about liberties and rights to Australians through the media,” she said.

“They represent the younger, fresher face of Australians concerned about civil liberty issues. Older people remember earlier battles for liberties and rights – young people are discovering how easily governments can take rights away if we are not ever vigilant.

“Clare and Max come from differing political backgrounds, demonstrating that civil liberties and CLA in particular is non-party-political,” she said.

“Civil liberties is too important to allow party politics to get in the way of ensuring that we retain our customary Australian freedoms and traditional rule of law.

” Max, 24, is a lawyer with Slater & Gordon practising in civil litigation. He is also a former president of the Australian National University Students’ Association and the current vice president of ACT Young Labor.

Clare, 23, has been completing law studies while working as an editor and media researcher/analyst at Parliament House. Her background is in the Young Liberal movement.

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