Police report into hit-run death must be made public

We were very surprised and dismayed to read that Police Minister Hargreaves has decided not to release the police report on their part in the tragic death of Clea Rose ("Hit-run report not for public, March 25, p1).

The minister is reported to have said the public did not need to see the report; it was enough for the community to take his word that the police had acted appropriately.
We in Civil Liberties Australia took his word at a meeting we had with the minister (September 15, 2005) when he assured us that the report and its recommendations would be publicly released.
Why should we accept the current assurance of the minister, if he won’t honour his earlier assurance? We call upon Mr Hargreaves to honour his promise and release the police report and recommendations immediately.
Dr Kris Klugman, President,
Civil Liberties Australia (ACT) (Canberra Times Letter)

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