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Ruddock rules, OK?

Ruddock rules, OK?

To citizens who value civil liberties and democracy, the move by the Federal government to over-ride the ACT Legislative Assembly anti-terror legislation is extremely disturbing. The ACT government modified draconian federal laws to be more in line with our Human Rights Act: to protect children, and to be reviewed in five years rather than 10.

Our proposed Civil Union laws have already been countermanded. There seems little point in having a Legislative Assembly if Mr Ruddock is going to rule the ACT.

People who wish to defend our rights to make our own laws should protest vehemently.  If the Federal Attorney-General is so intent on control, perhaps the Federal Government should take over running the ACT, along with maintaining the infrastructure and collecting the garbage. And pay for it.
Dr Kristine Klugman
President, Civil Liberties Australia (Canberra Times letter)

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