Poll report: how you voted

Here’s a quick rundown on the results of the two most recent CLA polls, on Crime/Corruption Commissions and the Australian Federal Police. And there’s surprises ‘both ways’.

Poll report: how you voted

CLA’s two most recent polls on this website have produced surprising results – one in one direction, the other in the reverse.

The April poll asked: Do Crime/Corruption Commissions have too much power? Only 58% of people – a surprisingly low figure to the poll question compilers – believed they do. Just on 22% said they did have too much power, while a surprising 20% of people said they didn’t know whether the commissions had too much power or not.

In May, we asked: Do you think the Federal Police need better parliamentary oversight? Nearly 9 in 10 people, 90%, said that they believed the AFP need closer supervision…presumably by both their Ministers and the Parliament. Less than 8% believe they are adequately supervised, while 2% were in the ‘don’t’ know’ category.

In June, we’re asking about DNA. The question basically asks whether we need legal protection to make sure that DNA is not used to determine employees’ health insurance and superannuation cover.

To vote, click here to be taken to the poll. Having voted, the current poll results will be displayed. The system remembers that you have voted and will show the updated voting results each time you visit.
– Bill Rowlings

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