April 2019: Six-year CLA battle helps earn Neill-Fraser appeal over her 23-year sentence for murder

A meeting in 2013 with a politician who kept her word began the long process that led to Sue Neill-Fraser getting a second appeal chance at justice in Tasmania. Now for a hearing, preferably with interstate judges. Elsewhere, Australia’s first law officer abuses the law for what appears to be for his, his party’s and his department’s benefit. And now Australia has three human rights acts: six to go.

  • Anti-Huawei push is commercially driven: security guru
  • CLA AGM declared: 10 Directors re-elected
  • Prominent Aussies want end to AWM empire-building
  • Police waste $4.5m to hide their illegal activities
  • CASHLESS: Battle for your dollars and cents
  • 737 inmates given life
  • 437 innocent people acquitted over 22 years through safety net

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