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CLArion Oct 2022 – Time for new federal human rights outline

Behind the scenes, moves are under way to frame a new approach to human rights for Australia. October through December is critical for developing where and when a federal HR Act fits. CLA is the prime mover Australia-wide in ensuring that any such act involves ’No Rights Without Remedies’. Such a foundation will establish a way to get quickly, easily and cheaply before conciliation or a tribunal to have rights acknowledged and enforced. Meanwhile, rights we thought we had are disappearing, as forensic science labs and police forces let citizens down by misinterpreting or not obeying the law of the land and their own regulations.

  • Police, spook agencies pilloried for ignoring warrant rules
  • Upper House MP calls for full and independent inquiry into Tasmanian Police
  • Will Oz fully implement Indigenous Peoples’ rights?
  • ‘Lock ‘em up, throw away the key’ is legal, High Court says
  • Park and hide will become the new normal
  • Police bid to raid, criminally charge news outlet produces scathing backlash
  • ’Sorry’ we wrongfully convicted and hanged your grandfather
  • Call for end to secret facial recognition
  • Syed release highlights identical issues as in Australia

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  • CLArion September 2022 – Justice under threat Oz-wide and in island state

    The High Court has a duty to deliver transparent justice in open and full view of the people: it failed last month. Australia-wide, torture and sexual assault reveal severe problems in juvenile jails as adult prisoners are experiencing similar inhumane ...

  • CLArion Aug 22 – It’s time States came good on justice issues
    With a new Australian government attending to federal justice issues (ICAC with teeth, voice for Indigenous people, ending false court actions and – we expect – a Human Rights Act later on), it’s time States and Territories acted positively ...
  • CLArion July 2022: Push for No Rights Without Remedies

    Pressure is mounting on the federal government to announce a national review leading to introducing a Human Rights Act (HRA) for Australia. A HRA is a priority issue once a National Integrity Commission law is before parliament: a full review ...

  • CLArion June 2022: ‘Teals’ asked to back Human Right Act

    CLA has formally asked the ’teal’ members of the Parliament, and other independents, to support a Human Rights Act (HRA) for Australia as an early, first 100 days, action item alongside a National Integrity Commission. Together, the two initiatives would ...

  • CLArion May 2022: What should be the new govt’s priorities?

    It should be up to We The People to set priorities for a new federal government’s early actions, not political parties. Here’s a list of issues that need urgent attention from CLA’s viewpoint (you can bet mining and farming and ...

  • CLArion April 2022: Parliament powerless over Covid-19 rules

    Australia’s governance system allows Ministers to impose over-the-top rules and regulations without Parliament able to have a say. The system should be changed, CLA says. In this issue, we report on the new ‘Right To Appeal’ laws in three states ...

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