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  • CLArion May 2024: Covid inquiry demands human rights base

    Four different public inquiries have been investigating problems around how Australia has handled the COVID-19 pandemic. One inquiry only recommends basing further detailed probes into lessons for the future on the basis of the human rights of Australians. The C-19 issue sits alongside key questions generally about whether police, prosecutors and the courts are letting Australia down. It is time for a national inquiry into justice: there has never been one. Other items in May include: Integrity of judges in Australia being questioned  Can you believe evidence given in court by police? Forensic problems continue to haunt criminal justice system It’s ‘women and children’ last in terms of jails Police deserve shaming for their naming: SBS program States still steal babies from a new generation NZ man gets chance to disprove his guilt after 26 years in jail Modern slavery continues to increase ‘Secret’ hearing by magistrates hit record numbers Click for a one-column CLArion Click for a two-column CLArion

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  • CLArion April 2024: HR Act report postponed

    The tabling date for a major report into Australia’s human rights framework has been postponed by two months, to 30 May 2024. The report, after 14 months’ analysis by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, is expected to detail ...

  • CLArion March 2024: Forensics & genetics under closer scrutiny

    By the end of the month, Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus should have in his hands the report of the special parliament committee which has inquired into Australia’s human rights framework for the past year. As that happens, rights related ...

  • CLArion Feb 2024: Human Rights report near finalised, ready

    February is a key month for human rights in Australia. Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights is finalising its report and recommendations after a year-long inquiry into the nation’s human rights framework. Chair Josh Burns is due to hand the ...

  • CLArion JANUARY 2024: Human Rights come into closer focus

    Throughout Australia, politicians and advocates are increasingly acknowledging that embedded core values and standards are the bedrock of our society’s now and future well-being and prosperity. They drive trust and respect for each other and for our institutions, without which ...

  • CLArion Dec 2023: Big year ahead for elections

    Elections throughout Australia will loom large in 2024, with four or even five possible. Their combined effect could alter the rigid two-party hegemony over the nation that has lasted across a century. Meanwhile federally, thinking politicians, ...

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