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CLArion Sept 2021: CLA success, new way to operate, SNF latest

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletterCLA saw one of its prime recommendations adopted by the parliamentary Homelessness inquiry: we don’t often get a committee agreeing completely with us, but here we did. Also, the CLA Board has decided how we can operate more efficiently and therefore effectively in future, with details and the dates of a special general meeting set out in this issue. CLA member Barbara Etter and barrister Hugh Selby have exposed gross incompetence, and possibly worse, by the Tasmanian Office of the DPP and TasPolice in ‘evidence’ collected and filtered before tendering to the judge and  jury in the original trial of  Sue Neill-Fraser, now in her 13th year wrongly jailed. Her defence counsel was kept in the dark about some witness statements that could have helped her.

  • What are ravenous data fiends really doing?
  • Laws your MP had no chance to vote for…or against
  • Should Australia have CCRCs?
  • Barrister calls for judge to be removed from bench
  • State admits to massive parole problems
  • China plans new laws around public health, privacy
  • 0.8% conviction rate for sexual assaults
  • Canada introduces vaccine passport

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  • CLArion August 2021: Pandemic causes ill health to democracy, liberties

    Once mass vaccination eases the pandemic, laws need correcting to restore democracy, civil liberties and human rights to Australians, CLA says. When C-19 broke out, our rulers first abandoned parliaments, which stopped meeting entirely. Then draconian emergency laws empowered politicians ...

  • CLArion July 2021: Power battle over rights and Parliament’s role

    Senate and Joint committees are fighting ongoing battles to reclaim power to the Parliament after years of dominance by the Executive,  the small group of Ministers and the Prime Minister who run the nation day-by-day. The Executive Ministers have wrestled ...

  • CLArion June 2021: Wrong priorities mean rights fight is harder

    Governments’ abnormal priorities founded on warped ideologies and broken promises are skewing important decisions around liberties and rights issues. Citizens are having to fight for basic health and disabilities spending, and charities are under active national assault. However security services ...

  • CLArion May 2021: Interstate squabbling means children suffer

    Squabbling and politicking over ‘law and order’ elections is preventing states and the Northern Territory agreeing to set 14 as the Age of Criminal Responsibility for children, proving that federation is a waste of time, money and resources if we ...

  • CLArion April 2021: Bipartisan bid to restore power to Parliament

    An unlikely pairing of two Liberal and Labor politicians are using the Senate Scrutiny Committee to rein in the ever-expanding power of ‘Executive’ Ministers producing legislation – about half of all Australian laws – that can change and expand under ...

  • CLArion Mar 2021: Sue Neill-Fraser appeal to start, at last!

    Today’s the day! Risdon prisoner Sue Neill-Fraser’s long-awaited, long-thwarted, and long-delayed appeal is due to start on 1 March 2021, this CLArion issue’s cover date. The tortuous, uphill climb to today began on 2 August 2013 when CLA President Dr ...

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