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CLArion May 2022: What should be the new govt’s priorities?

It should be up to We The People to set priorities for a new federal government’s early actions, not political parties. Here’s a list of issues that need urgent attention from CLA’s viewpoint (you can bet mining and farming and fracking/gas and mining and coal industries don’t need to be on any priority list for assistance!). Meanwhile, in the West, CLA will launch a hard-hitting documentary early this month: in it, real people tell real-life stories of justice and legal system failure. Also, in this issue is a litany of neglect, ignorance, lack of caring and failure to allocate appropriate funding to juveniles: these are unconscionable ’state crimes’ against children in one of the world’s richest societies. Plus…

  • Integrity and trust make society better, save lives, during C-19
  • Long-awaited corruption commission promised in 2022
  • Australia may lose its human rights status
  • Murder is murder, whether by Russian or Australian troops
  • Rule of law vital says ex-AG…but did he and others live up to it?
  • Cashing in on the power to reward supporters
  • A peck with the beak means the ’sack’ for the lass
  • End all-white juries, rally says
  • Barristers to ’strike’ in England
  • Prisoners: as they reap, so shall they sow
  • Photo ID voted down by Lords
  • Divorce refusal leads to jail

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  • CLArion April 2022: Parliament powerless over Covid-19 rules

    Australia’s governance system allows Ministers to impose over-the-top rules and regulations without Parliament able to have a say. The system should be changed, CLA says. In this issue, we report on the new ‘Right To Appeal’ laws in three states ...

  • CLArion March 2022: No Rights Without Remedies needed

    CLA is working hard behind the scenes to encourage a new approach to Human Rights Acts, federally and in the states and territories. The aim is to ensure that all such Acts in future contain simple, easy, quick and cheap ...

  • CLArion Feb 2022: Pezzullo the Fox dons sheep’s clothing

    As governments, national and state, and their police and security agencies continue to obfuscate about their malfeasances, Home Affairs supremo Michael Pezzullo claims we citizens have more to fear from the private sector than public sector ministers and mandarins. Is ...

  • CLArion January 2022: Australia should stand up for Assange

    Throughout the world, journalists are dying to tell the truth: a record number of reporters are jailed. Australia Julian Assange has been locked up on a superseded bail offence by Australian ally and cricket competitor, England, for two years while ...

  • CLArion December 2021: Sue Neill-Fraser appeal DISMISSED
    Sue Neill-Fraser remans convicted, despite one of three judges ruling that she should not have been convicted in the first place. The other two say that there’s a possibility that that her conviction a decade ago was wrong, but ...
  • CLArion Nov 2021: Headed towards an Australia we don’t want
    Constantly, when Parliament sits and when it doesn’t, new federal issues emerge every week that cry out for an 'ICAC with teeth' to rein in the excesses of the big end of town (politicians and corporates), and a national Human ...

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