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CLArion December 2021: Sue Neill-Fraser appeal DISMISSED

Sue Neill-Fraser remans convicted, despite one of three judges ruling that she should not have been convicted in the first place. The other two say that there’s a possibility that that her conviction a decade ago was wrong, but it is not a “significant” possibility, so she should stay in jail. SNF has 12 more years to serve of a 23-year sentence. She is eligible for parole in August 2022. (See fuller analysis of the appeal ruling on the CLA website in early December). In other revelations in this issue:
  • Australia’s law agencies become more corrupt: official!
  • MAG: the national body that is failing to improve justice
  • Keane reveals what’s behind the Collaery ‘persecution’
  • Cosset the rich, crucify the poor
  • New pandemic bill needs close watching
  • Did police pre-leak arrest for publicity purposes?
  • Signatures take to the ether
  • Police abusing their power for sex is rife, and rising
  • Will women ask to be monitored?
  • 2000 children killed/maimed each year

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    Constantly, when Parliament sits and when it doesn’t, new federal issues emerge every week that cry out for an 'ICAC with teeth' to rein in the excesses of the big end of town (politicians and corporates), and a national Human ...
  • CLArion Oct 2021: New law gives police power to pry and lie
    There have been mass protests nationwide because police have the power to make people wear masks, and keep 1.5m from each other to minimise Covid-19 sickness and deaths. There have been NO public protests about a ...
  • CLArion Sept 2021: CLA success, new way to operate, SNF latest

    CLA saw one of its prime recommendations adopted by the parliamentary Homelessness inquiry: we don’t often get a committee agreeing completely with us, but here we did. Also, the CLA Board has decided how we can operate more efficiently and ...

  • CLArion August 2021: Pandemic causes ill health to democracy, liberties

    Once mass vaccination eases the pandemic, laws need correcting to restore democracy, civil liberties and human rights to Australians, CLA says. When C-19 broke out, our rulers first abandoned parliaments, which stopped meeting entirely. Then draconian emergency laws empowered politicians ...

  • CLArion July 2021: Power battle over rights and Parliament’s role

    Senate and Joint committees are fighting ongoing battles to reclaim power to the Parliament after years of dominance by the Executive,  the small group of Ministers and the Prime Minister who run the nation day-by-day. The Executive Ministers have wrestled ...

  • CLArion June 2021: Wrong priorities mean rights fight is harder

    Governments’ abnormal priorities founded on warped ideologies and broken promises are skewing important decisions around liberties and rights issues. Citizens are having to fight for basic health and disabilities spending, and charities are under active national assault. However security services ...

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