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  • CLArion July 2024: Top to Bottom, corruption and culture overhaul needed

    Darwin becomes the corruption capital of Australia this month as a major conference alights on fertile soil in the Top End. In the Far South, politicians are trying to solve judicial dilemmas by changing the deck chairs, when it’s the state’s culture,  secrecy and establishment that lies at the core of most problems. Both jurisdictions need a Human Rights Act to help save the little people from the powers-that-will-always-be. Meanwhile, the federal HRA campaign is quiescent, but boosted by Australians realising how important Julian Assange’s rights and liberty became to most of us.  Other items this issue include: Croucher, Klugman, lawyers and Jesuit priest line up for federal HR Act NT Special & TASMANIA SpeciaL: Overhauls needed Top to Bottom  ’No Rights Without Remedy’ becomes law Courts crisis: science denial, experts may go missing Judges lowering the proof bar to ensure more rape convictions Heaven, help us: drones need new law, academics say Click for one column Clarion Click for two column Clarion

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  • CLArion June 2024: Time for a Human Rights Act !

    A federal parliament committee has urged the Albanese government to enact a Human Rights ...

  • CLArion May 2024: Covid inquiry demands human rights base

    Four different public inquiries have been investigating problems around how Australia has handled the COVID-19 pandemic. One inquiry only recommends basing further detailed probes into lessons for the future on the basis of the human rights of Australians. The C-19 ...

  • CLArion April 2024: HR Act report postponed

    The tabling date for a major report into Australia’s human rights framework has been postponed by two months, to 30 May 2024. The report, after 14 months’ analysis by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, is expected to detail ...

  • CLArion March 2024: Forensics & genetics under closer scrutiny

    By the end of the month, Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus should have in his hands the report of the special parliament committee which has inquired into Australia’s human rights framework for the past year. As that happens, rights related ...

  • CLArion Feb 2024: Human Rights report near finalised, ready

    February is a key month for human rights in Australia. Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights is finalising its report and recommendations after a year-long inquiry into the nation’s human rights framework. Chair Josh Burns is due to hand the ...

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