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At liberty to criticise

At liberty to criticise

Why, Joe Woodward (Letters Canberra Times, December 29) do you think civil libertarians are encouraging of or apologists for Islamic terrorists?

Woodward says that “the left in Western culture has no answer to the issue of radical Islam” but it is clear that no one has the answer to that problem so why lay it at the feet of civil libertarians?

Woodward says after the murder of Benazir Bhutto the civil libertarians will all keep quiet and not speak the obvious – what a peculiar thing to say.

It seems to me that civil libertarians are the very people who do speak up about injustice wherever it may be and in whatever form it takes – no matter who the perpetrator may be.

I am a civil libertarian and I am happy to assure you that I denounce crazy Islamic terrorists just as much as I do crazy Christian ones.

Who in their right mind wouldn’t?

Jennifer Saunders, Barrister at Law, Civic- Letter to the Canberra Times 1 Jan 08

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