Call for Notice of Motion(s) – eAGM 2009

A formal call for Notice of Motion(s) has been made for this year’s eAGM.  Click here for further details on lodging a draft Notice of Motion. – Note, time for lodgement of motions has now closed.


The time table for the eAGM is available here.

Notice(s) of motion for an electronic Annual General Meeting (eAGM)

Notices of motion proposed for General Meetings (including an electronic Annual General Meeting) are usually of major significance: that is, they involve a change of Constitution, or of significant operating procedure, or of major policy direction.

They are not usually used for minor differences of opinion, for personality-based matters, or for other minor issues.

Before putting forward a notice of motion for this electronic AGM process, please consider whether something you may want to raise could be handled in a simpler way, for example:

  1. request for consideration of an issue by the board of directors;
  2. development of a policy paper, or optional policy position (you may like to draft one);
  3. commissioning of research on a topic, issue or policy;
  4. writing of an opinion piece for the website (the editor/webmaster welcome contributions at all times of the year, not only around the eAGM);
  5. etc.


If it would help you, please consider discussing a proposed notice of motion with the President or the CEO/Secretary before putting it into the online system.  Initial contact details are:

Lodging a Notice of Motion – Now closed

Members wishing to propose a motion can do so by entering their
proposal in the ‘Notice of Motion/Discussion’ section of this item – see below.  Proposed
Notice of Motion must be made by 23 January 2009.  Proposed motions
will be available here for on-line debate/comment from 30 January to 27
February 2009.


Formal motions will be advised on-line and voting will occur between 6 – 27 March 2009.  Members with an email address can vote on-line. Members without email will be advised by post and can lodge a postal vote.


Updated 24 Jan 09

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