e-Voting for the eAGM 2009 needs an email address

e-Voting is being introduced at this year’s electronic Annual General Meeting (eAGM) following last year’s approved change to Civil Liberties Australia’s constitution.

For e-voting, each CLA member must have a personal email address (rather than, say, one email address covering two or three members of a family, as happens in a few cases). Without a unique email address, a member can’t participate in e-voting, but can still vote personally by post to the Secretary.

The email address cannot be used by another member and it can be a work or university email, Hotmail, G-mail, Yahoo or another valid email address. Without an email account, the member will be unable to participate in e-voting, but can still vote personally at the AGM.

If you need to provide CLA with a new or updated email address you can do so by going to http://www.cla.asn.au/page/contact.php, selecting “Membership Email Update” and provide details of your revised email address.

Of course you can also advised the Secretary by letter (Box 7438 Fisher 2611 ACT Australia).

Those members not on email will receive information by post, and will be able to vote by post.

But, voting is between 6 – 27 March 2009, so early advice of any change will ensure your vote counts.

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