Sexting: Matching reality and law

The Law Reform Committee of the Victorian Parliament has done exceedingly well to balance the interests of justice against the twin imperatives of rapidly-changing mores of teenagers and constantly-evolving technology. The recommendations for new sexting laws could provide a model for jurisdictions worldwide, Rhys Michie says.

Prison: Costs up, numbers up

A parliament committee, examining justice reinvestment in Australia, has produced the latest statistics on our prison system. It costs more than $300 a day to keep a prisoner in jail, and more than $600 a day to keep a juvenile in detention. Taxpayers d…

ACC: Is it a competent body?

Civil Liberties Australia invites you to read these factual reports which illustrate some of the Australian Crime Commission’s track record, and shine a light on how competent, or otherwise, the Australian Crime Commission is. You be the judge.
The re…