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CLArion April 2021: Bipartisan bid to restore power to Parliament

CLArion April 2021: Bipartisan bid to restore power to Parliament

An unlikely pairing of two Liberal and Labor politicians are using the Senate Scrutiny Committee to rein in the ever-expanding power of ‘Executive’ Ministers producing legislation – about half of all Australian laws – that can change and expand under ‘regulations’ at the government’s whim, with the Parliament having no review powers over them. The Senators have taken the first step in restoring properly-balanced power between the Executive, the Judiciary and Parliament, as the Australian Constitution says it should be.

Other articles in this issue include:

  • World bodies release decade-long push over rights for the ageing
  • Corporate Australia pulls off a ‘Harvey’-the-rabbit disappearing money trick
  • Govt proposes draconian ‘Identify and Disupt’ powers over your computers and data
  • Did a sneaky CCC worm its way around a journo protecting sources?
  • Senator calls Australia’s ‘justice’ system ‘deeply racist’
  • Public corruption complaints rise 21% in a year
  • ‘Protect Everyone’: a new approach to making law
  • UK govt to license rape and murder by its police and spook employees

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