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CLArion May 2021: Interstate squabbling means children suffer

CLArion May 2021: Interstate squabbling means children suffer

Squabbling and politicking over ‘law and order’ elections is preventing states and the Northern Territory agreeing to set 14 as the Age of Criminal Responsibility for children, proving that federation is a waste of time, money and resources if we want a national approach to justice in the 120-year-old entity that is Australia. Meanwhile federally ministers are wasting billions of dollars locking up refugees and children on offshore islands, just so the government can maintain an anachronistic political ideology, and taking to court patriotic Australians whose only sin was to reveal alleged murders and grossly improper behaviour by public servants.

Other articles in this issue include:

  • War powers: one party promises inquiry if elected
  • Problems with Defence wider than veteran suicides
  • Judges’ reputations suffer as public interest goes unweighed
  • Why is David McBride the only soldier before a court?
  • ‘Jail is the new mental health asylum’ says GP
  • Scary Stokes puts the frighteners on, VC winner alleges
  • DPP goes to the dogs
  • Call to ban police from remote communities
  • Innocent people on police ‘bad dude’ database…forever
  • Ageism in sights of world human rights and health bodies

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