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CLArion May 2024: Covid inquiry demands human rights base

CLArion May 2024: Covid inquiry demands human rights base

Four different public inquiries have been investigating problems around how Australia has handled the COVID-19 pandemic. One inquiry only recommends basing further detailed probes into lessons for the future on the basis of the human rights of Australians. The C-19 issue sits alongside key questions generally about whether police, prosecutors and the courts are letting Australia down. It is time for a national inquiry into justice: there has never been one.

Other items in May include:

  • Integrity of judges in Australia being questioned 
  • Can you believe evidence given in court by police?
  • Forensic problems continue to haunt criminal justice system
  • It’s ‘women and children’ last in terms of jails
  • Police deserve shaming for their naming: SBS program
  • States still steal babies from a new generation
  • NZ man gets chance to disprove his guilt after 26 years in jail
  • Modern slavery continues to increase
  • ‘Secret’ hearing by magistrates hit record numbers

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