CLA’s Policy – Genetics/DNA

Genetics and DNA issues need special consideration by the State. The best-possible protections should be enforced in legislation.

CLA Policy on Genetics and DNA

  • Because of its unique biological function, the use of human genetic material commercially or by the State for identification or policing purposes should be subject to a high level of scrutiny.
  • So that doctors are free to diagnose and treat, and to ensure that everyone has the right to equal access to publicly-provided health services, patents and other intellectual property monopolies should not be granted over human DNA or genetic materials.
  • Where intellectual property rights are granted over genetic materials, there should be broad, fair-use provisions to protect health professionals, researchers and teaching hospitals.
  • Any collection, use and storage of DNA samples must be done with explicit consent or with a judicially authorised warrant. DNA samples collected from suspects should be destroyed in the event of an acquittal, or a change being withdrawn.

DNA samples collected and held for medical research, diagnosis or treatment purposes should never be released


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