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Condemn the racist attacks on Indians in Australia and USA

Condemn the racist attacks on Indians in Australia and USA

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee India (CLMCI) strongly condemns the racial attacks on Indians in Australia and United States of America. The Governments of Australia and USA failed to protect the life and liberty of Indians. Till date, no serious action has been taken against the racist forces or culprits who are still attacking and killing the Indians – 20 incidents in 30 days and 100 attacks in 12 months in Australia shows the intensity of racist feeling.

CLMCI believes that the attacks on Indians in Australia and USA are the violation of United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and UN Convention on Racial Discrimination. According to UDHR article 7 and 26, all are equal before law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.

CLMCI wants to bring to the notice of the western governments that they always give statements saying that the so-called terrorism exists in Asian countries, whereas we believe that the root cause of terrorism exists in their own countries and the racial attacks prove this. It is a matter of fact that these racial feelings lead the world towards the world wars. All these countries should accept these facts and eliminate the root cause of terrorism.
Lateef Mohd Khan
Gen Secretary, CLMCI
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