Feb 13 CLArion newsletter:
CLA eAGM begins…and why is Emergency Minister on holidays over disaster season?

CLA’s own electronic AGM gets under way this month, and full details are here. But, as the country starts preparing eight months ahead for an election, CLA wants to know why the Emergency Management Minister was on holidays over the main disaster season, and why Australia does not have a separate Emergency Minister? We waste billions on anti-terrorism police, spooks and toys for the boys in black, but we don’t spend and plan equivalently for disasters that actually happen, every year, to Australians in their own homes. Why?

The proposed ‘anti-discrimination’ laws are a farce, as commentators from all sides say. And CLA – alone – discovered a flaw in the proposed legislation which would have eliminated the rights of people with genetic defects (even if they were unaware of them). Elsewhere,  there’s a new inquiry into same sex marriage, and freedom of choice over euthanasia may become possible. Wowser state and local governments are joining their federal brethren to assault our civil liberties and freedom of choice, from the foods we eat to smoking. Why can’t governments leave us alone?

Other items in this issue include:

  • Special Minister proposes ‘electoral reforms’ soon;
  • Nothing new about Nova;
  • Experts on discrimination to be called before inquiry;
  • ASIO wants to terrorise your computer;
  • Lead: has it produced generations of criminals?
  • Judge snared in time warp where law is what the govt says;
  • Potheads go clubbing, legally;
  • Detectives get booted out of ‘The Yard’;
  • War on drugs has failed, says president; and
  • Vietnam to make death penalty chemical.

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