FOI cause off on a dummy run

Just under way is the government’s latest move to close down public access to information. Dr Allan Hawke, known for his knowledge of dummy runs on the Canberra Raiders board, has started to review Australia’s FOI and Privacy regime, with clear ‘wink and nod’ directions from Attorney-General Nicola Roxon to rein in the costs…which can only happen at the expense of openness.blank

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  1. Dear friends I was a designated whistleblower in uk – see NKE v Secretary for state Education(queens Bench) when I tried to stop abuse against children in a boarding school. The campaign against me, continued in Australia here, with my 2 Indigenous children being denied education to year 12 ( Gandhu was thrown out of school end year 10, 2004 even though he was captain of soccer team, and getting credits in Maths, we appealed to State Educaiton Dept with no effect ). My case ( Im self represented) against Dept was demised from Supreme Court on Friday last ( 14/6/2013) they said my pleadings were no good.

    At the same time I was fighting to keep our Indigenous (AHC) house, which the Mundine’s were wanting to sell, which would eave us hoe less ( after 26 yrs in the house). As you well know, many indigenous persons were thrown off their Urban land rights “keeping pace” called the block, in 2010, many of them are still homeless. This piece of land was acquired int he 1970’s as the first Urban land rights settlement by Whitlam and Gordon Bryant ( minister for Indigenous affairs in those days). The AHC was founded by Bob Bellear on behalf of homeless and poverty stricken indigenous peoples. Due to, what can only be described as “gangster style” stand overs and manoeuvres, the Mundine family took over the Directorship of the AHC, and from then onwards there was a policy of Nepotism ( in the extreme) as only Warodjeri Tribe, or relatives of the Mundines were allocated houses. My own indigenous husband had a cousin married to the munidines, and thats how we got a house in Eveleigh street, in the first place. Mundines had a policy of moving tenants around from one house to another, so that effectively the tenants ?collective members could not claim any one house for themselves. Outside of the “block” there were houses called “spot houses” And my Indigenous children & myself were allocated one of these in 1987, when my indigenous husband got a “social Worker” job with the Govt. He passed away in 1999. Fro 17 years we personally did the repairs on the house, and this was due to the acknowledged position of members as “owning” their houses, and the understanding that we could hand the houses down to future generations. Under the Mundine rule, many houses belonging to AHC simply “vanished” off the books.
    AND THIS WAS PUBLIC MONEY! when the block was dismantled, many people who were not direct relatives of Mundines found themselves without even a PUBLIC HOUSING house. Many are suffering at the moment. MY EMAILS and mobile have been under surveillance since 2004. This breach of privacy happened to many other AHC tenants. and there was a “reign of Terror” perpetrated against the tenants that Micky Mundine wanted out of the Spot houses. Many people were threatened unless they signed their houses over to children or grandchildren losing their own long term possessory rights. AHC was ALWAYS, a COLLECTIVE in its Philosophy. and AHC members/tenants [who were not Mundine family] were SOLD OUT to the DEPT of HOUSING , nobody was told what was going on. We had our house repaired ( it was below habitable standards since 1987) in 2004 by Dept Housing. So many people who were considered enemies of the Mundines suffered terribly ( to tell all the stories, would take some time). This story has never been published. The Governments both Commonwealth (through the Dept of Housing, Homelessness & Indigenous affairs in Elisabeth st Sydney)and the Dept housing were involved in causing homelessness amongst many people. A few “good men” like David Roper of the Dept of Housing, Homelessness & Indigenous affairs, were severely bullied when they tried to oppose a Caveat removal that the Commonwealth held on the “spot houses”. The Caveat was taken off in June 2011 because the AHC Counsel ( formerly Blake Dawson ) argued that it could NOT BE PROVED WHERE THE MONEY CAME FROM. As a result of this 11 spot houses ( after the tenants were tortured out of their homes) were SOLD by AHC. Since the Directorts on AHC board at that time, were all related to Mundines ( or friends/partners) the long term tenants were not given any information as to WHERE the money went??? Most of the money for AHC houses ( and there were 470 of them in 2004) came from Governments. The AHC directors claimed the money was from Charity ?? But a charity would not have given money for Nepotistic ends, and as far as most of the “deposed” AHC member/ tenants knew, only $80, 000 was given by Michael Jackson, in 1987/88, and that was for the Aboriginal Kindergarten called Murwina, which was in Eveleigh street at that time. Its outrageous that AHC (or should I say the Waridjeri-Munidines) were allowed to stay in power ( and abiuse that power) for so long. In fact in 1992 the other Tenants on the block, tried to vote Micky Mundine out of his Director position. He took a bus to his own tribal land, brought in a large number of his people, put them on the board, and outvoted the tenants. That was how he things ! it was not democratic at all. I would like to know if you have a LAW COMPANY who would taken a CLASS action for these disenfranchised Indigenous people. My 2 Indigenous children are imminently in danger of losing their home of 25 years too.

    if you cannot get through to the email: try my so’s emai at medicare advisor@gmail .com ( my oldest son, use to work at Medicare)


    Natalie Kaye-Engel

    many thanks

    Natalie Kaye-engel

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