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May 2015 newsletter: ASIO should be told: ‘You must keep your own secrets’

May 2015 newsletter: ASIO should be told: ‘You must keep your own secrets’

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

A new law allows ASIO to blame citizens or the media if it fails to keep its own secrets: that’s abandoning responsibility, CLA says. The law should be changed.

Australia urgently needs a Criminal Case Review Commission to pore through convictions based on “junk” hair sample matches and other pseudo-science, after the FBI admits laboratory mistakes in 96% of cases. Muddled “forensics” and other police and prosecutor mistakes leading to wrongful convictions are a major problem in the western world, and Australia is by no means immune. We need a nationally-mounted, federally-funded, multi-year program to work out how best to deliver ‘Better Justice’ for the Australian people, Civil Liberties Australia says.

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