November 2018: Aged Care RC must consider liberties/rights of elderly; Dutton makes surreptitious move towards national ID scheme

Aged care is the next national disgrace to get its time in the Royal Commission witness box, over the next 18 months: CLA is calling for members to tell us what freedoms needs assuring. Citizens are likely to forego traditional identity protection as Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton holds a ‘quick ’n dirty’ sham consultation to fulfil a push for open-slather exchange of personal data among spooks and government departments. The ex-Queensland cop pushed for widespread file sharing when he first entered parliament 16 years ago. Meanwhile, in health, defence, election funding and at the Australian War Memorial, forgetfulness or worse reigns when probity should be the minimum bottom line.

Also in this issue:

  • Can a machine make a legal decision? The ATO thinks it can
  • Groupthink rules, ex-DPP claims…and the chief judge says ‘That’s good!’
  • Prisoner does quarter of a century in jail for an 18-month offence
  • ID scanning in clubs? How well does it reveal villains?
  • DPPs make a profit for the Crown: more staff, assets
  • TI child-raising to be enshrined in law
  • Beware NZ, where your password must be revealed
  • Straights get equal rites

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