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October 2008 Newsletter – Rights charter debate launches 10 Dec

October 2008 Newsletter – Rights charter debate launches 10 Dec

The debate about whether Australia should have a national Charter of Rights and Responsibilities will launch on 10 December, international Human Rights Day. It is hoped that the Prime Minister, Mr Rudd, will throw his weight behind the program to indicate top-level support for it by the Australian Government. Two entities – the ACT and Victoria – already have human rights legislation; two others, Tasmania and Western Australia, have held consultations which favored introducing similar laws. Now it will be the nation’s turn.

Meanwhile, Special Minister for State, Senator John Faulkner, says Australia needs to abandon its traditional antipathy to ‘dobbers’ as part of introducing new whistleblower laws.

In international news, a Malaysian blogger has been jailed for two years under the draconian Internal Security Act.

Some other items featuring in this month’s CLArion include:

  • Justice forum points to Indigenous/jury initiatives;
  • Witnesses lose right to silence before crime commission;
  • Submissions sought on state of religious freedom;
  • Shield laws sparring continues in two States;
  • Haneef inquiry runs late, reinforcing poor impression;
  • Road cameras may become surveillance system;
  • Dreyfus champions charter of rights;
  • HREOC becomes AHRC;
  • UK Minister wants 14-year-olds to carry ID cards;
  • Tube man literally held by police when shot 7 times;
  • Police stun sick man to his death; and
  • Don’t do what the Romans do the Roma.


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