Proposed Motions for Discussion – eAGM 2015

In pCLA_eagmreparation for the 2015 electronic Annual General Meeting (eAGM) voting the following motions are proposed by the Board for the consideration of members:

Voting for this year’s eAGM begins on 9 March, and goes until 23 March for all forms of voting.

Two proposed Notice of Motions were received for consideration at the eAGM. The Board decided that the proposals were not suited to formal motions: the members have instead been invited to write articles for the website, putting their points of view and suggestions.

Financial members with a unique email address will be sent a ballot paper electronically on 9 March otherwise a postal ballot paper will be forwarded to the member’s postal address. Details of how members can lodge their votes will be included in the mailings.

The Report of the 2014 eAGM can be viewed here.

Financial members may use the following form to make comment on and discuss the reports which are to be considered at the eAGM – where appropriate these comments will appear for members to further comment/discuss.  Comment can be made until 17:00 (AEDT) 6 March 2015.

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