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November brings the secret trial of Witness K and Bernard Collaery. They revealed how the government spied and lied…so they are in the wrong, the government says. This video explains why it’s all a gas…and you pay.


  1. Dear John: The item is comedic, a cartoon presentation exploring a serious issue by shining a light on it in an attention-grabbing way. A bloke called Shakespeare used to do the same thing in plays a few hundred years ago. He didn’t have apps, and mobile phones, anf YouTube and stuff like that. Bet he would have used them, though, if they’d existed in his Globe. – Ed

    Secretary Civil Liberties Australia
  2. I take issue with the language and tone of this commentary. How can you be expected to be taken seriously if you speak as though you are some petulant alienated teenager. Hardly what I would expect from a serious commentator

    John Paine

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