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Tas AG rejects inquiry…instantly

Tas AG rejects inquiry…instantly

“Our polite request to Attorney-General Elise Archer for the Tas Govt to consider holding a Royal Commission in 2020 or 2021 has been met with an emphatic ‘NO’ in record time, and on a long weekend,” CLA President Dr Kristine Klugman said. “You would think the government would be a little more circumspect, and wait until after legal cases had concluded to respond, as we suggested.

“Throughout Australia, governments unthinkingly backing their police and state legal systems have come completely unstuck over the past decade or so, and many Ministers have egg on their faces. I’m reminded of South Australian AG Michael Atkinson who for years repeatedly, inside and outside parliament, said the Henry Keogh conviction for murder was rock solid, safe, and a fine example of SA police, forensic and prosecution work. Keogh’s conviction was not long ago overturned by the SA Supreme Court after 19 years. SA has just paid Keogh $2.5m compensation.”



  1. How come the Police can interfere with witnesses?
    I read in the media that 3 of the potential witnesses were charged with pervert justice. NO doubt they had something to say and why were the Police trying to intimidate them?
    Obviously nobody is game to interfere except the Police and the DPP.

  2. I support the call for a Royal Commission.Over 20 years ago I was in the office of a very senior politician who said to me, the Tasmanian Police was too corrupt to do anything about. That was then but the culture would not have changed.
    I had issues and later more issues: they ARE the law, and perjure and pervert justice at will to serve their own ends. I have had first hand experience of Tasmania Police and the ‘justice system’: refused bail for missing a court appearance. I wasn’t a flight risk and I had my own business. I was held back from afternoon court to appear in front of a JP and I had no legal representation, police opposed bail and told lies.
    My life crashed from that point on, that night I had a panic attack, my first but I controlled it. Much later I was arrested for busking in a public place and sent straight to maximum prison for breaking a restraining order.Much later I attended a seminar on Prison Reform in Salamanca, chaired by Greg Barns, and that day I noticed firstly uniformed police activity in the area and in the afternoon, at a seminar break, a man I recognised looked me in the eye as he walked out of the building. I recognised him because he had assaulted me by punching me in the side of my head as I was handcuffed and arrested and being placed in the back of a patrol car.
    DON’T THINK AN INNOCENT PERSON WON’T BE FOUND GUILTY, BECAUSE TASMANIAN MAGISTRATES AND JUDGES ARE AS NEPOTISTIC AND MORALLY CORRUPTED AS THE POLICE AND PROSECUTION. BELIEVE ME I AM WITNESS TO THIS…and yes, 10 years later, my lawyer found an arrest warrant had been issued for attending the seminar but on requesting the file, it had disappeared

    owen allen

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