Tricky Nicky tries slight of hand


She’s at it again, the woman who heads Australia’s Thought Police. Now Tricky Nicky Roxon, our AG and the Commissar of Canberra’s ‘Can’t’ Cabal, wants to stop us being Aussies and using colourful language. She’s proposing new anti-discrimination laws that will slash freedom of speech, and take the ‘OI’ out of boisterous debate. Let’s tell her to get out of our heads – we don’t need more laws!

‘Time to go on the offensive against the Thought Police’: The Punch version, with comments

‘No more sledging at the cricket or name calling under proposed new laws’: Perth Now news story

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  1. You guys are asking the wrong questions, what you should be asking is “is this a lawful change of a bill”?Under the Australian constitution there is a very clear path set about how laws are brought into fruition, firstly the bill must clear both houses of The Parliament of the Commonwealth, it is then sent to a “lawfully commissioned” Governor General who then gives it royal assent using “The Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia”. (The writer contends no GG has been lawfully commissioned since 1929 – Ed.)
    So to shed some light here our Government is not legal and neither are any laws that the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA have enacted since hijacking The Commonwealth of Australia

    Editor – a shortened version of that submitted

  2. Ridiculous and outrageous attach on rights

    TWIMC, re the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012: We are thinking people who keep our fingers on the pulse and we are really angry that we have only just found out about this ridiculous and outrageous attack against our rights to free speech and our own Australian culture!! Why is this being rushed through at Christmas time when people are otherwise occupied with social banalities?!Where is this push coming from,the people who are coming to this country to exploit our nice way of life but who have no sense of our sometimes black humour?!We love to stir,to take the mickey and criticize anyone and everything,this is OUR culture and we won’t be intimidated into changing!Is this a ploy to finally silence The Chaser Boys,Rodney Rude and the comedian with MS,who makes fun of his condition??!!If people can’t laugh at themselves,then that’s their problem and we don’t see why any government should be attempting to silence the people like this.As we now appear to be an appendage of the USA,are the Americans behind this,a people who certainly lack a sense of humour at times?! Australians love their larrikin way of life,within reason, of course;we are an irreverent bunch and if people coming here don’t like it,then perhaps they should think about going somewhere else.How can anyone avoid offending people at work?!Some things offend some people and not others!What are you trying to do,silence everyone so they become like zombies,or too scared to open their mouth in case they offend someone with no sense of humour?Oh please….,hasn’t the government got better things to do like helping the 100,000 homeless people in this supposedly wealthy country?!My liberated woman’s feelings are offended and intimidated when I see a woman in a burqa so are you going to legislate against that too?!I can see why successive governments have steadfastly refused to instigate a Bill of Rights for the Australian people.We appear to be now in a situation where we can be cowed,intimidated,silenced,ignored and made to feel frustrated and powerless and why any government would want to do that to its own people,just beggars belief.No wonder young people are wiping themselves out on drugs and alcohol,and no wonder the crime rate is not only rising but crimes are becoming more and more vicious!By attempting to legislate against “offending”,the government is driving a wedge and creating more and more animosity against those who would change our way of life here,to suit themselves and their ‘modus operandi’.The people of Australia will not give up their way of life and their freedoms without a fight.

    A Hodges and R Linkevics

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