Colonial curse hangs over independent India

The criminalisation of homosexuality under the Indian Penal Code is fundamentally a remnant of Victorian moral values that filtered into Indian society as a by-product of British Colonial rule, in the form of s 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

Freedom of religion is not carte blanche to ignore laws

The expert panel inquiring into religious freedom should be very clear exactly what ‘freedom of religion’ means in Australia, CLA says in its inquiry submission. The notion includes the rights of atheists, no mandating of ‘religiosity’ in schools, and no promoting of religion by the state. We should also have protections as constant benchmark comparators, such as those contained in the Bill of Rights Australians should have to protect ongoing individual freedom of choice.

Bought for a pittance, MPs hide details

Australia’s federal MPs are for sale to foreign buyers…for very little, if the Senator Sam Dastyari purchase is representative. Prof George Williams comments it’s time to Act.

Capital punishment: comparing societies

‘An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind’, said Gandhi. Taking a life in revenge or bloodlust demeans any state or society, Kay Danes argues. 2 Aug 2016

Fighting for abortion rights

People will be surprised to learn that, in two major Australian states, abortion is illegal. It’s time to end the subterfuge, and makes sure the law allows women choice. 14 June 2016

Make our liberties match UK, USA

Why does a first-rate – in terms of bounty and beauty – nation like Australia have second-class liberties when it comes to police, privacy and the personal values we should cherish?  24 Feb 2016

Marriage ‘Act of Good Faith’ needed

A same-sex marriage plebiscite could confirm an already-passed law. That way would give the national vote real bite when we cast our ballots, says Tim Vines 24 Feb 16

Calling on Shorten to stand on principle

As the PM faces problems over picks, the Opposition Leader needs to fix inconsistencies in what Labor’s platform says, and what Labor does, over people seeking asylum in Australia. 3 Feb 2015

Journalists jailed, slain in huge numbers

Al-Jazeera reporter Peter Greste’s return to Australia from jail in Egypt focuses attention on the alarming rise in deaths of journalists worldwide, as the numbers in jail also rise. 2 Feb 2015

PM seeks quicky justice to own liking

Grave concerns are held for the direction the Timor Leste government is heading in relation to judges and justice. The rule of law is in serious danger. 14 Dec 2014 

CIAlia…where lies rule, torture prevails

The CIA is become the Stasi of the States, or a state unto itself. Why would Australia work with an agency that its own Congress and people can’t trust? 11 Dec 2014