June 2014 CLArion newsletter: Spying on Australians reaches into Parl House

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

That Australians are all under surveillance has been confirmed with the revelation that police spy, using CCTV and sound recordings, on Members of Parliament. What chance for us ordinary Aussies?

This month we also feature:

  • Bombshell: man jailed 19 years “should be pardoned”
  • UN demands Australian state pay for police bashing
  • Fix real problem: right of reply, CLA submission says
  • None so blind as Inspector choosing not to see
  • SA wants to pioneer ‘Romeo and Juliet’ law for kids
  • CLA calls for goose-gander law change re forensics
  • Minister’s bid to curb police chases stalls
  • MPs (one a CLA member) launch ABC Friends group
  • China and US get steamed up over spying
  • Can mobile phones give evidence against you?
  • Sultan introduces sharia law in near-neighbour nation
  • TPP is yesterday’s news, says ex-WTO chief
  • 4% of people sentenced to death are probably innocent

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