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June 2016 CLArion: Pollies must spell out where they stand on liberties, freedoms

June 2016 CLArion: Pollies must spell out where they stand on liberties, freedoms

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletterAs the nation prepares to vote, politicians want us to focus on their issues, but Australians need to know where the pollies stand on our traditional liberties, rights and freedoms. 31 May 2016.

Politicians concentrate on what THEY want to tell us, but we want to know where they stand on personal freedoms of Australians, without massive surveillance and data bases, and whether or not the new Australian Government will strictly abide buy the international human rights that we and people like refugees are entitled to expect from a prosperous nation claiming to operate under the rule of law.

Issues covered in this edition of the CLA newsletter CLArion include:

  • Census problems not resolved: just weeks to go
  • Sue Neill-Fraser appeal process close to starting
  • Eastman to get Victorian judges for ACT appeal
  • Legal academics call for national crimes review body
  • Refuges locked up ‘arbitrarily and illegally’
  • Your face and data held in secret by govt database
  • Why can’t Australian govt facilitate whistleblowing here
  • Stun guns get green light from US Supreme Court
  • UK to examine impact of sharia law
  • Judge offers young men a self-service solution
  • Wrongful convictions are as frequent as doping in sport


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