May 2012 Newsletter:
Government to use entrapment on
the workers…but not for politicians

In an approach the Minister admits is designed to make Public Service employees afraid, the Australian Government will try to entrap its police, customs and other employees. The ‘war on workers’ will be waged by the government purposely putting ‘honey pot’ wallets and valuables in the way of people to test their honesty. But, of course, politicians will not be treated equally…

Police are facing charges of wrongful arrest and assault around the nation, and in some cases it is costing government big money, like $100,000 in compensation. In other developments, the policies of police chases, use of stun guns and pepper spray are coming under fire, with one parliamentary Speaker calling for restraint and a coroner asking for a change in brand of capsicum canister!

Other items in this issue include:

  • ODD SPOT: Let Security see the light…ness;
  • CLA’s eAGM voting results, plus comment from members;
  • AFP airport police are just ‘window dressing’, insiders say;
  • Workers win right to dignity over drug tests;
  • More NT Intervention bills come under fire;
  • Law reform commission to review copyright;
  • Crime forces get $4.6m to expand their porn database;
  • Letters from members: free speech; culture review needed;
  • Latin America calls for new world drug policy; and
  • Human genes can’t be patented, says US Supreme Court.

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