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Rabble is in ‘power’, but isn’t ‘governing’

Rabble is in ‘power’, but isn’t ‘governing’

Rabble is in ‘power’, but isn’t ‘governing’: Instead of a government, we have an ugly, vacuous rabble. They are somehow in power, but not “governing” in any intelligent way. Sexual assault accusations that go nowhere; deliberately divisive rhetoric (‘Whose side are you on?’ being a stand-out); Ministers accused of corruptly encouraging the changing of environment laws, former DPM telling women what to do with their bodies; and “freedom of speech” held up as the excuse for party politicians to attend, and speak at, a right wing, US-style hate fest, where speakers encourage their followers to tape a woman’s legs together to stop her from breeding. (In my view such a group is not too far from the KKK, given enough rope, which our ‘government” appears to be doling out). This is far from a complete list.

At what point will a serious discussion arise about the separation of church and state and the independence of the judiciary? I suspect never, if this parliament can avoid it. We, the general public, appear to be in grave danger.

– Elizabeth Chandler, CLA member, Napoleon Reef NSW

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