Sept 2014 CLArion newsletter: Terror laws tilt the balance between state and citizen

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

Parliament will soon pass the first 124 pages of new spying and surveillance laws. Two more tranches will follow. The laws give too much power to the state. This month we also feature:

  • CLA calls on parliament to protect us from excesses
  • How statesmen MPs protect citizens…in the UK
  • Are Australians subject to international court over drone killings?
  • AG doesn’t give a Tosca about terror law review
  • Rights of the dying abused…both ways
  • Mandatory sentence will lead to injustice
  • Opposition hits new high on cannabis
  • Eastman conviction quashed after 19 years
  • DPP appeals his conviction for unlawful killing
  • Extent of spooks’ metadata reach is mind-boggling
  • Same-sex marriage proves popular

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